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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: bis 80mm

L1 / Total length: 400mm

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Chisel RS SDS-max

  • Shot peened and hardened high quality and wear resistant tool steel
  • No need to re-sharpen
  • For the use in heavy drill and hammer machines
  • Suitable for especially heavy continuous operation
  • For mortising and demolition work, breakthroughs, renovation and restoration


Innovative geometries which make it easy to penetrate into the material to be removed: Point chisels with twisted profile / Flat chisels with power ribs and bars / Spade- and scraping chisels with constantly slim surface and strengthening ribs at the sides





  • Permanent sharpener chisels
  • Reduced wearout
  • No need to re-sharpen
  • Continual high removal performance
  • Economical working
  • Long tool life
  • High stability by means of technical improvements

For use in / Application

Artificial Stone


Natural Stone

Reinforced Concrete

Drive / Execution / Features