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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 5-14mm

L1 / Total length: 85-160mm

L2 / Working length: 50-100mm

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special- and stone drill bits

Concrete drill bit MS5 TURBOHEAD Xpro

  • Concrete drill bit with round shank
  • ISO 5468
  • Made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel, shot-peened and intermediate level hardened
  • TURBOHEAD Xpro head with centering tip and innovative 4-cutting-edge concept
  • MS5 flute with reinforced core
  • High-temperature brazing at about 1,120ºC
  • In all rotating and percussion drilling machines as well as hammer drills with three jaw chuck
  • Usable in armed concrete
  • For drilling plug holes
  • Particularly suitable for fastenings






Innovative X-head design with 4 cutting edges for fast and professional work. The reinforced steel resistant hammer drill bits guarantees a high drilling speed as well as low abrasion. The special head-geometry allows optimum pilot drilling and a fast removal of drilling dust as well as remarkably less friction in the drilling hole which results in less development of heat and a low power input for the machine.


 MS5 helix



 MS5 helix

The MS5 flute drills considerably faster than a normal flute. It has a longer service life and reduces the swinging and torsion forces caused during the hammer drilling. Therefore no jam of drilling dust occurs. It has a faster drilling speed and transfers the impact energy in an optimal way. The reinforced core and the rounded gradual transitions offer much more breaking strength.

For use in / Application

Artificial Stone


Natural Stone

Reinforced Concrete

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