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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 3-10mm

L1 / Total length: 75-85mm

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special- and stone drill bits

Glasbohrer KEILBIT

  • Specially ground carbide tip
  • Grey surface
  • Thinned cross cutting edges provide precise
  • drilling of pilot holes
  • 1/4“ bit drive DIN 3126 - E 6.3 In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
    In machines for mechanical processing
  • Only for rotary use
  • In materials up to scratch hardness of 8
  • In all drilling machines, cordless screw drivers and bit holders with 1/4“ drill shank

Glass drill bit KEILBIT

Modern cordless screw drivers are extremely efficient and can also be used for drilling without any problems / The KEILBIT was particularly developed for quick direct application in these machines  / Machine changing is not necessary anymore / For drilling other materials we offer various types of KEILBIT.


Glass drill bit



Glass drill bit

The glass drill bit drills precise and exact holes in sensitive and hard materials. The specially ground cutting edge allows a careful drilling process. The life time of this drill can be considerably prolonged by regrinding.


  • Set a low speed
  • Cool sufficiently with water, turpentine, vinegar or paraffin
  • Regrind frequently when drilling in hard materials

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Bit E 6.3