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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 40-125mm

L1 / Total length: 100mm

L2 / Working length: 75mm

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hammer drill bits

Hammer hollow core

  • Made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel
  • High-temperature brazed at 1,120°C
  • Highly wear-resistant carbide studs (type S)
  • Austempered and surface strengthened
  • Easy interchangeability by screw-together system
  • Ratio thread rd 14 2gg

Hammer hollow core with RATIO thread

Flexible use with many 259 system components, such as drill adapters, extension pieces etc. / Extremely solid design for the most demanding applications / Manufactured of chrome- nickel-molybdenum steel which is used, among other things, for crankshafts and drive axles in the automotive industry / Particularly high impact strength carbide studs which also cut very well / High-temperature vacuum brazing at 1,120°C / 2-steps special high temperature treatment

The principle:

Interchangeability of all components in the drilling system / Any length of extension is possible by simply screwing together parts


System 259 product overview and example



System 259 product overview and example


  • Economic drilling in concrete, masonry and lightly reinforced concrete from ø35 to ø150mm diameter and to a depth of up to 2 metres
  • Above-average tool life
  • Smooth breakthroughs through concrete and masonry up to large diameters due to practical designs.
  • The system can be extended as required by simply screwing together the 300 mm and 450 mm extension pieces
  • It is recommended to grease the threaded bolts to ensure easy and non-destructive release of the components
  • We recommend the thread grease for this (Item 259 008 010)

For use in / Application

Artificial Stone


Natural Stone

Reinforced Concrete

Drive / Execution / Features