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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 4-10mm

L1 / Total length: 75-120mm

L2 / Working length: 40-75mm

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special- and stone drill bits

Hardstone drill bit HARDTEC

  • ISO 5468
  • Asymmetric spiral shape
  • Straight flute entry
  • Milled flute
  • Special carbide tip
  • Diamond-ground carbide tip
  • High-temperature vacuum brazing at 1120°C
  • Ground surface
  • In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
  • Only for rotary use
  • High contact pressure
  • Rotation speed approx. 1000 rpm


Hardstone drill bit HARDTEC



Hardstone drill bit HARDTEC

Due to its special carbide cutting edge with a high tungsten carbide content, a homogeneous fine grain structure and a diamond-ground drill tip, the HARDTEC reliably passes through hardest rocks such as granite, gneissic rock, slate and basalt at a recommended speed of 1,000 rpm and strong contact pressure.

For use in / Application



Artificial Stone

Natural Stone

Tiles / hard burnt brick

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