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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 2-16mm

L1 / Total length: 45-140mm

L2 / Working length: 18-80mm

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Metal Drill Bits

HSS DIN 8037 carbide tipped

  • Carbide tip according to DIN 8010
  • Cutting angle 120°
  • Profile-ground
  • Right-hand cutting
  • Short, cylindrical
  • Driver on shaft as per DIN 1809
  • Drill body of HSS
  • Diametral tolerance h8
  • With point thinning
  • For steel 800-1400 N/mm², cast steel above 700 N/mm², grey cast iron, chill casting, malleable iron, gunmetal, cast steel, tool steel, brass, bronze, manganese steel, cast iron, aluminium, bakelite, hard paper, glass, porcelain and many other special alloys which are difficult to machine
  • In stationary drilling machines


HSS twist drill bit with carbide bit



HSS twist drill bit with carbide bit

The drill bit has been ground with diamond wheels to the highest accuracy. The 2-bevel sharpening builds a centering tip which is located exactly in the drilling axis whereby the drill bit centers itself.When working with CNC-machines it offers best performance.

HSS DIN 8037 carbide tipped

Ground with diamond wheels to the highest accuracy / The 2-level sharpening of the cutting angle form an exact center which makes the drill bit self centering


  • Very precise holes with perfect surface
  • Increased drilling length before retraction
  • Less wear on the guide edge
  • More holes until re-grinding
  • High power for drilling with N.C. machines
  • No need for drill bushes

For use in / Application

Stainless Steel

Steel / various metal

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