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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 1-13mm

L1 / Total length: 34-151mm

L2 / Working length: 12-101mm

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Metal Drill Bits

HSS-E DIN 338 cobalt, ground, split point

  • Profile-ground
  • Right-hand cutting, type N
  • 5 % cobalt
  • Short, cylindrical
  • 135° conical section
  • Cross-ground finish to DIN 1412 C (from Ø 3,0 mm)
  • Diametral tolerance h8
  • Materials with a high strength above 800 N/mm² which are difficult to cut
  • Special alloys
  • Solder resistant steel
  • Stainless steel V2A -V4A
  • In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
  • In machines for mechanical processing
  • Only for rotary use


HSS-E twist drill bit



HSS-E twist drill bit

The HSS-E drill bit is a cobalt alloyed high performance drill bit. Even with insufficient cooling it has reserve in heat resistance. Due to the alloying addition of 5 % Co in the cutting material these drill bits can be used for working with work pieces with a tensile strength of over 800N/m².





  • Centre punching is not necessary
  • Direct drilling without prior centering or drilling of a pilot hole
  • Safe pilot hole drilling, even in slanting surfaces, in pipes and welds
  • The feeding power is reduced by up to 50 %
  • The drill bit facilitates an increase in drilling progress by up to 45 %
  • Even chip removal and reduction of chip friction
  • Extremely true running and precise round holes
  • No jamming of the main cutting edge and no slipping of the drill bit with through boring holes
  • High fracture strength and long tool life
  • Reduced friction due to reduced diameter in the shank direction
  • Higher breaking strength through conically reinforced drilling core
  • Long operating time and fast drilling progress through chemical thermal method of hardening and accurate cross-ground finis
  • Due to the alloying addition of 5% Co these drill bits are well-suited for workpieces with a tensile strength of more than 800 N/mm²
  • Extra high temperature strength to cope with suboptimal supply of coolant
  • Up to 20% higher durability than identically constructed HSS drill bits used under the same operating conditions

For use in / Application

Stainless Steel

Steel / various metal

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