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D / Diameter: 14-152mm

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Metal Drill Bits

HSS hole saw bi-metal

  • Variable tooth splitting for less vibration
  • Less heat production
  • Long life
  • High precision of concentric running
  • Smoother cutting
  • Cutting depth up to max. 38 mm
  • Up to Ø 30 mm R 1/4“ thread
  • Up to Ø 32 mm R 3/8“ thread
  • R = pipe thread
  • For iron, steel, nonferrous heavy metal, light alloy, cast iron, plastics, wood, plywood, plaster board
  • In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
  • In machines for mechanical processing
  • Pillar drilling machines or lathes


Product information



Product information

Designed for long lifetime and high cutting performance / Always use the recommended operating speed, speed to be increased slowly till a slight cutting is noticed; to avoid overheating, abrasive or breaking out of cutting teeths. / When drilling in metals (except cast iron) always use sufficient cutting-oil / Remove regularly drilling chips from the cutting spiral / Do not use high working pressure and assure that the saw does really cut. / The centre drill must exceed the saw teeth by approximate 3 - 4 mm but no more than the thickness of the workpiece / Make sure that the hole saw always is in vertical position to the work piece surface

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PVC / Arcrylic

Steel / various metal

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