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D / Diameter: 15-45mm

L1 / Total length: 90mm

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Wood Drill Bits

Machine forstner drill bit, toothed

  • Forged from special steel
  • Machine-ground to round shape
  • According to DIN 7483
  • Denticulated implementation from D=25mm
  • In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
  • In machines for mechanical processing
  • Precise and splinter-free drilling with point accuracy in veneered boards and natural wood


Machine forstner drill bit



Machine forstner drill bit

This drill bit is made from special steel and ground mechanically to its cylindrical shape. Only a very low contact pressure is needed. It has a very good drilling progress and a long tool life. Moreover the power consumption is very low.





  • Lower contact pressure
  • Better and faster drilling progress
  • Significantly longer life
  • Less current consumption

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