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L2 / Working length: 180-210mm

Teeth/inch: 7-8

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Pruning saw

  • Saw with folding blade
  • Partially replacable saw blade
  • Timber, branches, construction timber natural wood, ABS- and plastic tubes
  • Well suitable for gardening
  • ECO model with a working length of 180 mm


Handling - teeth



Handling - teeth

The triple edge teeth make possible cross and rip cutting / Electronic pulse hardening provides up to 3 times longer tool life / The teeth are ground individually using diamond






Makes possible a thin saw blade / Easy and safe start / No bending, no unevenness / Precise and controlled cut


Little force required



Little force required

Hold the handle lightly / The pulling cut does not require great force or strength / Guide the saw and let it make the cut itself using its own weight / It is important that the cutting angle is less than 10º.


Easy sawing, easy going



Easy sawing, easy going

Shark saw, the precision pull saw. With only 20 % of your physical power you cut 5 times more than with classical saws.The shark saw has three cutting edges which allows cross and rip cutting.The electronic pulse hardening provides up to 3 times longer tool life and the teeth are individually ground by diamonds. In spite of the thin blade it is easy and safe to start sawing without bending or unevenness.


  • Clamp the work piece or provide a firm support with stop in the direction of pull.
  • Check the work piece for ob structions (screws, nails, etc.). These may damage the saw.
  • Maintain a cutting angle of less than 10º.
  • The weight of the saw executes the cut on its own.
  • Slightly increase the pressure on the saw once a small groove has been cut.
  • Always pull the saw briskly and without great application of force.
  • Use the full length of the saw blade by pulling the saw uniformly through.
  • Always fit the protector over the teeth when finished. This ensures a long life of the shark saw.
  • Store the saw safely away from children.

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PVC / Arcrylic

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