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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 55-80mm

L1 / Total length: 550-990mm

L2 / Working length: 410-850mm

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hammer drill bits

SDS-max concrete milling cutter

  • Solid construction in one piece
  • Shot-peened and rust protected
  • Made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel
  • Fits directly into SDS-max and HILTI TE-Y locking


SDS-max concrete milling cutter



SDS-max concrete milling cutter

Drill head advantages
Exact spot drilling due to integrated centre drill bit (A) / Faster drilling due to cutter head with chisel-shaped carbide studs (B) / Break out is not necessary due to additional carbide studs (C) positioned at theedge which hollow out the total diameter region / Extremely large spiral flutes effect smooth transportation of drilling dust

Vibration Protection

Low vibration load of the „hand-arm-system“ by means of significantly reduced vibration. Corresponds to the Directive 2002/44/EC of the European Community for vibration protection.


  • Percussive energy is transferred to the tool without loss
  • Low weight
  • Reduced vibration
  • Long tool life
  • Exact drill hole geometry

For use in / Application

Artificial Stone


Natural Stone

Reinforced Concrete

Drive / Execution / Features