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D / Diameter: 8-25mm

L1 / Total length: 200-235mm

L2 / Working length: 100-160mm

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Wood Drill Bits

SDS-plus Auger bit lewis shape

  • Long service life thanks to special alloying
  • Wear-resistant CV steel guarantees high strength and resistance to breakage
  • Reduced SDS-plus shaft with open helix runout
  • Directly suitable for all hammer drill bitss with SDS-plus and HILTI TE-C shank
  • Only for rotating use
  • Exact, precise and splinter-free drilling in coated board materials, chipboard, MDF boards as well as plastics and all kinds of soft and hardwoods


Auger bit lewis shape



Auger bit lewis shape

The auger bit has a thread tip, a pre-cutter and a hexagonal shaft. It has a milled and surface ground flute and allows exact and precise drilling in veneered wooden boards as well as all natural soft and hard woods.



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