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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 3-16mm

L1 / Total length: 70-200mm

L2 / Working length: 40-135mm

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special- and stone drill bits

SDS-plus MS5 universal drill bit GOLDCRAFT

  • ISO 5468
  • Special cutting edge geometry (see diagram)
  • Diamond-ground carbide tip
  • Universal drill bit with MS5 helix
  • High-temperature brazing at about 1,120ºC
  • Special cutting helix with micro surface hardness
  • Ground surface
  • Fits directly into all hammer drilling machines with SDS-plus and HILTI TE-C drive


Universal drill bit GOLDCRAFT



Universal drill bit GOLDCRAFT

With the special cutting edge geometry, the diamond ground cutting zone and the carbide plate the GOLDCRAFT is suitable for nearly all materials to be drilled. The very hard tungston-titanuim carbide tip stands for an extremely wear resistant drill bit.


MS5 helix



MS5 helix

The MS5 flute drills considerably faster than a normal flute. It has a longer service life and reduces the swinging and torsion forces caused during the hammer drilling. Therefore no jam of drilling dust occurs. It has a faster drilling speed and transfers the impact energy in an optimal way. The reinforced core and the rounded gradual transitions offer much more breaking strength.


  • The GOLDCRAFT is suitable for almost all materials to be drilled due to the special cutting edge geometry and the diamond-ground cutting surfaces of the carbide tip
  • The very hard tungsten-titanium carbide tip makes the drill bit extremely wear resistant

For use in / Application





Artificial Stone

PVC / Arcrylic


Natural Stone

Steel / various metal

Reinforced Concrete

Tiles / hard burnt brick

Drive / Execution / Features