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Data / Facts

D / Diameter: 5-35mm

L1 / Total length: 60-62mm

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special- and stone drill bits

Tile drill bit KERAMIK with diamond with internal screw thread M14

  • Vacuum-soldered diamonds
  • Burnished surface
  • Hollow section completely filled with cooling liquid (up to Ø 15mm)
  • In all rotary and percussion drilling machines
  • Recommended cooling time 10 seconds
  • For rotary use only
  • In materials up to scratch hardness 9
  • Dry drilling, no water necessary
  • Long tool life with water supply


For hardest materials



For hardest materials

Dry drilling in hardest materials, hard stoneware tiles, roofing tiles, glass, marble, granite and slate.

Little force required

Clamp the work piece or provide a firm support with stop in the direction of pull. / Check the work piece for ob structions (screws, nails, etc.). These may damage the saw. / Maintain a cutting angle of less than 10º. / The weight of the saw executes the cut on its own. / Slightly increase the pressure on the saw once a small groove has been cut. / Always pull the saw briskly and without great application of force. / Use the full length of the saw blade by pulling the saw uniformly through. / Always fit the protector over the teeth when finished. This ensures a long life of the shark saw. / Store the saw safely away from children.


  • Fast drill progress
  • Long tool life
  • Clean cutting edge
  • Dry drilling

For use in / Application



Tiles / hard burnt brick

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